Flux @ Saranac Thursdays?

FLUX CAPACITOR was formed in 2010 with one objective in mind...

To earn a spot on the 2017 Saranac Thursdays Summer Line Up!

To accomplish this, we have worked damn hard at putting together
THE most energetic, entertaining rock show you could imagine.  

80's Hair Metal - all the songs you love to sing while no one's watchin'.
Talented musicians, incredible lead singer, high energy shows.
We get deep into it - wigs, 80's costumes head to toe.
Crowd involvement like nothing you've ever seen.

You could call it a rock show, but it's really a high energy dance party.
We go hard and you will too!

So, why should Flux Capacitor join the 2017 Saranac Thursdays Line Up?

1. We engage the crowd - every song is well known, everyone dances and sings along with us.  People get up on stage and join us for songs, everyone's a rock star. 

2. We've got well over 3 hours of rock - putting a dance party of this magnitude together would be a dream!

3. We're experience festival, bar, party musicians.  We get in, get the job done, no drama.

4. Rockin' out is payment enough... we'll work with your budget to make this come true.

References?  Please contact these people who can back up our heroic claims!

Steve Hamilton @ Event Coordinator, Brewery Ommegang (607-544-1800)
Scoop @ WOUR, fan of the band (315-797-9690)
Hanna Bergene @ Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce (607-547-9983)
Darren Meenan @ 7 Line Army, Largest MLB travelling fan base (the7line@gmail.com)